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Southwest Florida Fishing Reports

Here are our latest fishing reports.  If you have not already done so then sign up for our Southwest Florida Fishing Newsletter covering area tips and area fishing reports

bulletApril/May 2004 -
It doesn't get any better than springtime fishing in Southwest Florida.
Snook have moved out of their winter spots (canals and rivers). They are heading to their summer locations which include the flats and along the beaches and the passes.  Snook season closes at the end of April.
Redfish are plentiful now.  Fish for them on the oyster bars or mangrove points that have a good flow of water.  Fish the mangroves when the tide is halfway up or higher.  Live bait such as threadfin herring or scaled sardines work great;so does anchoring on an oyster bar, chumming it up, and throwing out cut ladyfish.
Seatrout are everywhere.  Just find grass flats with 2-5 feet of water and you will catch trout.  We have taken 3 Cobia up to 37" while fishing for trout.  Live bait works well; so does shrimp, jigs, and topwater lures.
Tarpon are showing up in fairly good numbers; these fish are both inshore and out in the Gulf.  We fish several ways for tarpon; chase them and throw live bait in front of them.  Another way to catch tarpon is to anchor and chum and then put out either live or cut bait.  If you anchor and chum, which is my choice most of the time, you also have a great chance of hooking a really nice shark.  We have taken hammerheads, blacktips, bull, and nurse sharks, many of which are over 100lbs.  It is not a tarpon, but it sure is fun.
My new boat has arrived.  It's an Action Craft, Model 2310 Coastal Bay boat.  It will easily carry 6 people and can float in 12" of water.  It also has a head (toilet) on board.  Pictures of the new boat will be forthcoming soon.
Good fishing and remember to put some back for the next generation of anglers.


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